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of ceramic jars, amphorae and eggs made in France

Biopythos manufactures in Limoges, France, ceramic jars, amphorae or eggs (stoneware and porcelain) for wine, with capacities from 1 to 550L. These products are used for winemaking or aging. The raw materials come mainly from French quarries and the production of our ceramic formulation is carried out by a factory in Aixe-sur-Vienne (87). Biopythos carries out the design and manufacture of the tanks thanks to its workshop located in Bonnac la Côte (87) integrating the production equipment of ceramic containers: mixer, agitation tank, dryer, high temperature kiln.

The control of the complete production chain allows Biopythos to control the characteristics of jars, amphorae or eggs in stoneware or porcelain, in particular in terms of micro-oxygenation and can even adjust this permeability of the ceramic on request. Ceramic fired at high temperature (between 1250 and 1300°C) is a neutral material that is inert towards wine. The food suitability of these materials is validated by the independent laboratory Société Française de Céramique.

Used with all types of grape varieties (red or white), these ceramic containers will make it possible to obtain a fruity, fresh and precise wine without a woody aroma to highlight the terroir and the work of the winegrower.