Carte clients Biopythos

Our customers love our products!

Publié le 7 Jun, 2021

We sell our eggs and jars for every type of wine, in all terroirs! Our clients praise fermentation and maturation […]

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Etude sur la micro-oxygénation de nos produits

Micro-oxygenation of the wine in ceramic product.

Publié le 11 Feb, 2021

The oxygen brought to the wine in our products has been studied by Amarante Process. Results show the natural micro-oxygenation […]

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Image Vinitech Sifel

Biopythos in VINITECH SIFEL for a virtual exhibition

Publié le 17 Nov, 2020

You will find Biopythos in the first virtual fair of Vinitech Sifel! We’ve chosen to attempt the adventure! The fair […]

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Ceramic jars

Discover the ceramic world and our jars

Publié le 30 Jun, 2020

Local TV channel TV7 was very interested in our activity and our ceramic jars. We mix traditional production methods and […]

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Ceramic products effectiveness

Demonstration of our ceramic products efficiency

Publié le 27 Jan, 2020

A study made by the Chamber of Agriculture of Gironde demonstrate our eggs and jars efficiency. The wine used in […]

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