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de contenants céramiques fabriqués en France

The raw materials used for the manufacture of Biopythos ceramic jars, amphorae or eggs are of very high quality, which allows great regularity and reproducibility in technical performance during use in winemaking or aging. Stoneware is made from ¼ clay, ¼ kaolin, ¼ feldspar and ¼ silica while porcelain is formulated from ½ kaolin, ¼ feldspar and ¼ silica, with kaolin providing whiteness.

In general, porcelain is less micro-oxygenating than stoneware. The shape of the egg favors the convection movements of the wine, giving it roundness and fat. The different containers can receive different accessories in a personalized way: tasting tap, tapping valve, total emptying,… in Macon, Din or SMS.