About us

Biopythos has proposed a large range of ceramic products since 2016, for all your needs, from fermentation to ageing wine.

L'entreprise Biopythos procède par coulage manuel dans le moule céramique

Our factory

All the production takes place in our 1000m² factory in the North of Limoges. This guarantees you 100% Made in France products and particularly high-quality completions. We use the “casting” method: we put slip (clay and water mixed) into a plaster mould, which is porous.

All our products are compatible with the current food standards: regulation (CE) n°1935/2004 of 2004, October 27th and directive 84/500/CEE; tested by an independent laboratory of the French Society of Ceramic.

Stoneware and porcelain are inalterable materials by time or wine acid attacks. So our products have a long lifetime, are neutral and don’t bring any molecule or aroma to wines and spirits.

Our willingness

“To work closely with wine growers”

All our types of products are tested by partner wine growers before being put for sale. Thanks to their comments and thoughts, we can improve our products performance. Also, we can develop new containers to have the best answer to technical needs of vinification.

Jarre céramique géante avant cuisson au four dans l'entreprise Biopythos (France)

Personalized support

Our ceramist team uses its knowledges to support you in your projects. We know how to adapt us and change our products to your creations. We can adjust our eggs and jars permeability to obtain a natural micro-oxygenation, respecting wines from your terroir.

And why not develop together a new type of container!

Our partners

The Region New Aquitaine and European Union support Biopythos as part of the Operational Program European Social Fund / European Regional Development Fund Limousin 2014-2020.