Stoneware jar 500L

Made from a very resistant stoneware, this product, intended for wine making, will meet your expectations of freshness and authenticity. Suitable for all types of grape varieties. This jar is suitable for various applications such as wine making and ageing.

  • Smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Ceramic inert to chemical and climatic aggression
  • Very long lifetime

Also available in volume of 120L.


HauteurDiamètreDiamètre ouverturePoidsPorositéContenance
1400 mm800 mm340 mm80 kgTailored500 litres


SIO2AL2O3K2OComposants minoritaires

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Made in France


Product suitable for food contact, certificate of Société Française de Céramique available on request.


On wooden pallet with foam protection


• Cover with 50mm bung hole
• Silicone seal
• 5 closing clamps

Silicone bung Ø55mm
Blown glass bung
Ceramic bung
Tasting tap (3 designs)
Total drain
Stainless steel butterfly valve
Stainless steel support

Associated accessories

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