Œuf céramique pour le vieillissement du pineau

Our products could revolutionize Pineau des Charentes. Indeed, the wine grower Frédéric Bourgoin in Saint-Saturnin (Charentes, France) tested our ceramic egg for ageing his Pineau. We will stay in conatct to improve our experience and our products.

This egg is an innovative concept by Michael Lesvigne, ceramic engineer in Limoges. Find here the product specifications.

A great article in the local newspaper “Le Populaire du Centre” explained the partnership. We mix traditional production methods and technology to propose a large range of products. We have conceived our eggs and jars for the fermentation or the ageing of wine. Also, they are shaped for spirits.

Our porcelain products have a natural micro-oxygenation. In addition, by kiln firing of our stoneware eggs so we master their porosity. Without the sense impact of barrels, wine keep freshness and authenticity.