Porcelain egg 20L

This porcelain egg 20L  will be perfect to make trials and to develop some new products.

Due to its ovoid shape, this product promotes natural suspension of the lees thanks to the mouvements of vortex, preserving the quality of the fruit and the authenticity of aromas. This egg is suitable for various applications such fermentation, maturation or wine tasting.
• Smooth interior for easy cleaning and sanitizing
• Inert ceramic to chemical and climatic aggressions
• Long lifespan

It does complete our other products range (3L egg, ceramic spittoon, ice cubes and ice bucket).


HauteurDiamètreDiamètre ouverturePoidsPorositéContenance
420 mm320 mm50 mm11 kgTailored20 Litres


SIO2AL2O3K2OComposants minoritaires

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Made in France


Product suitable for food contact.


In cardboard with foam protection


Silicone bung Ø55 mm
Tasting tap
Total drain
Customization with your logo

Associated accessories

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