Etude sur la micro-oxygénation de nos produits

The oxygen brought to the wine in our products has been studied by Amarante Process. Results show the natural micro-oxygenation of our products.

Permeabilty measures were taken on our 225L stoneware eggs, kiln fired at 1240°C (2264°F) and 1260°C (2300°F). They show the global oxygen transfer is limited to, respectively, 4,7 mg/L/year and 3,5 mg/L/year. In comparison, the transfer is 13 mg/L/year in a barrel.

The ceramic eggs from Biopythos are recommended to wine producers to age their wine:

• With controlled oxygen supply

• Without sensory impact of barrels

• Without using a complex micro-oxygenation method 

You can check here the whole study: