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We sell our eggs and jars for every type of wine, in all terroirs! Our clients praise fermentation and maturation with our ceramic components, due to their gustative assets.

Our products bring freshness and minerality to the wine and are very easy to use.

The agricultural school of Libourne Montagne (France) has a 225L stoneware egg and a 500L porcelain jar since 2019. The cellar master Mathieu Lalet testifies:

In egg, the color is very intense, and the nose is open and soft. The taste is very rich with soft tannins. Wine aromas have a particularly good aromatic persistence. During ageing time, there is no wine lost by evaporation or absorption by the egg or the jar. Free SO2 doesn’t move, comparing to a classical maturation in barrel. Eggs and jars are very easy to clean, too”.

In addition, oenologists Bruno Tringali et Margaux Armand-Vauchelet (BTOEV) compared maturation in our eggs to more classical methods. They conclude to a real gustative difference, with “a great tension, some mineral and salty aromas”.

Œuf céramique pour le vieillissement du pineau
Ceramic egg for “Pineau des Charentes” ageing

We sell in all terroirs and for all grape varieties! Some returns from our customers:

Mas de Libian, Hélène Thibon, wine grower:

“We were particularly intersted by the high quality of the Biopythos jar in terms of freshness and purity, brought to the wine; as well by the absence of reduction on a grape variety also reputed to be reductive”

Domaine Georges Blanc, Christophe Vial, wine grower and oenologist and Fabrice Sommier, director of the group:

“Wines that have fermented in the porcelain jar have the same type of fermentation as in barrels, except that there is no woody aromas. On the other hand, we have an important vivacity. The wines are therefore more taut with, in the same time, a beautiful substance. For me, it is a very interesting container that can possibly replace the use of barrels because cleaning is much easier.

Jarre porcelaine 500L
Porcelain jar 500L

Champagne Marie Copinet, Alexandre Kowal, wine grower :

“Our Chardonnays cultivated on clay from Villenauxe-la-Grande have a freshly and voluminous side. The ageing of our Chardonnays in eggs of this same clay brings to the wine tension, minerality going up to an iodized freshness and great fluidity of our wines.”

Bruno Tringali et Margaux Armand-Vauchelet, oenologists in BTOEV Consulting :

“This type of container has proven to be an interesting innovation for the enhancement of our Provencal terroirs as we perceive it!”

Click here for the returns from our clients on Biopythos. They show how useful our line of products is. Discover here the study showing the natural micro-oxygenation in our eggs and jars. 

We produce a large range of products adaptable to your needs.

We produce a lot of products and accessories by mixing traditional methods and technologic innovations. We are also able to adapt our products to your specifical needs.

Our eggs and jars are specially conceived for maturation, fermentation, or for spirits. They are made in stoneware or porcelain, which bring a natural micro-oxygenation.

We produce also some accessories, such as tasting taps or bungs. We can also provide support for our eggs.

Finally, discover our other products, such as small eggs designed for tasting, ceramic ice cubes, ceramic spittoons and ice buckets! We can put on them your company’s logo for your tastings.

Petit œuf en porcelaine 3 litres et bouteille
Porcelain egg 3L
Ceramic spitoon